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ECMSDK 2.1 Docker image published

inxire just published a Docker image with ECMSDK 2.1 on the Docker Hub Registry


Get it NOW, start NOW!

inxire just updated the Docker image on Docker Hub Repository with the latest ECMSKD 2.1 version and the latest Tomcat 8.0.33 release. With this it is easier than ever to start your ECMSDK 2.1 development project.

By pulling this image from the Docker Hub Repository and running it, you are able to immediately connect to your ECMSDK schema inside an Oracle Database XE. The image contains only license free software, such as Ubuntu Linux, openJDK 7, Tomcat 8, Oracle Database XE and of course ECMSDK 2.1. This gives developers a low entry barrier to start with an ECMSDK development project. Everything is pre-configured, ready to use, and easy to backup, roll back, and extend.

Feel free to use this image as the base install for POCs, application tests and demos.

Download link and documentation of the ECMSDK Docker image: