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ECMSDK (Enterprise Content Management SDK) is a robust and flexible runtime and development environment for the development and management of sophisticated, content-centric applications. Entirely developed in Java, this scalable platform, which is deployed at numerous major companies for business-critical applications, offers the complete functionality to efficiently implement the typical requirements of modern applications in the areas of ECM, IoT, Social, Big Data and Industry 4.0.

Openness, extensibility and scalability ensure that you can customize this powerful infrastructure to meet basically any of your current and future requirements. Overview of the highlights of ECMSDK:

  • Slim ECM infrastructure

  • JEE-compliant

  • Uses all the advantages of the Oracle Database such as SecureFiles, Multimedia, Text

  • Extensible schema

  • Java API

  • Wide range of functions and services for document management

  • Transaction-based file system

  • Fine-grained auditing

  • Social features such as comments, activities and notifications

Discover the scope of features and the range of applications for yourself.